Thrive Courses

THRIVE Courses

Our Future Perspectives courses launch with the development of our series of 'THRIVE' courses.


How can we positively contribute to our world, now and in the future, using education to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and at the same time, be happy? The virtual world has become a huge part of our everyday lives – where people feel that social media is now somewhere they live, as well as a means for communication.

How can we foster a durable identity, in our future learners, that will flex, sway and strengthen them through a rapidly-evolving future? How can educators ensure that students thrive personally, socially and professionally? As educationalists, how can we support them to be the best version of themselves, and use technology positively?

THRIVE explores the relationship between humans and technology, and strives to offer strategies to build a healthier, more beneficial connection.