The VIE Perspective

A relevant & efficient
educational model

The VIE Perspective

Our aim is for your students to successfully:

through our career related studies

through our future perspective short courses

through our global perspectives short courses

To achieve this we believe that education must be both relevant and efficient.

1. Relevance

Traditional education is not adequately preparing enough young people for the Future of Work. As a result, there is a growing skills gap between what is being delivered and what is needed by the workforce.

“The world of work is changing. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics will make this shift as significant as the mechanization in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing. While some jobs will be lost, and many others created, almost all will change.” – McKinsey, The Future of Work, 2021.

The underemployment rate for young college graduates exceeds that of the general population – as of September 2020, about 43.2% of recent college graduates, and 33.0% of all college graduates – are underemployed in that they are working in jobs that don’t require a college degree, according to new data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

2. Efficiency

The education model is moving rapidly towards efficiency. Accelerated by COVID-19, the education market is increasingly focused on cost, availability, and addressing the desire of students to choose when, where and how they want to access their education.

At VIE Academy, we have identified a gap in the international school market for a career-focused education, that prepares young people (aged 16-19) for both higher education and the future workforce.

The traditional model of education is focused on either preparing young people for higher education, or career-orientated training. We believe that it’s possible to do both, and so, we achieve this by leveraging The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP), while also providing pathways for students studying other curricula, such as A-Levels or AP.