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There are several notable barriers to the IB programme, specifically the IBCP adoption. At VIE Academy, we venture to provide you with a complete solution as your schools’ IBCP partner, coach and mentor. Common drawbacks we experience, that our team of specialists can support with:

The complexity in implementing the IBCP

VIE Academy provides specialists support throughout the implementation process, with pre-IB training, feasibility study support, teacher development courses, policy support, leadership mentoring, teacher coaching, strategic planning and budgeting.

The lack of recognition for the IBCP

Our Career-related studies (CRS) are delivered with previously-agreed pathways, that are constantly expanding. We provide the clarity in terms of pathway and ensure nothing is left to chance. We partner with highly-regarded industry and higher education organizations to ensure our CRS is ‘educationally secure’ and recognized.

The insufficient CRS expertise in schools

At VIE Academy, our CRS is aimed firstly to be facilitated by a teacher in the school, this is called ‘YOU Teach’ (School-Facilitated). However, we can also offer a ‘WE Teach’ option (VIE-Facilitated), which will become increasingly attractive as we launch further technical courses.

The economical impact in implementing the IB

We offer incentives to VIE Academy partner schools, including reduced VIE Academy courses costs; teacher training courses; reduced IB fees on application and training (subject to forming a group of schools). In addition, we structure our courses intuitively so that schools can allocate a current teacher to run the CRS in-school with our support, without needing to expand the workforce.

The shortage of authentic and diverse Career-related studies

Through our industry and higher education partnerships, we ensure that we co-develop unique and ‘future focused’ courses that are aligned to the needs of the future of education and the future of work. This is realized by the fact that all of our courses act as a ‘career accelerator’ through agreed pre-university credits being awarded on completion, providing students with advanced standing of between one term and a full year.

Developing a meaningful CP Core Programme

We have developed our own core programme outlines with resources to meaningfully link to our CRS offer. In addition, our Global Perspectives and Future Perspectives short courses provide a clear value add to the PPS and Service Learning courses you can offer.

Teacher Development Courses

Challenge in The Classroom
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Essential Project Design Elements
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