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  • Results show that Chinese tourists are pulled by the unique attractions, high quality of Canadian life, appealing travel ads, shopping opportunities, and Canadian cosmopolitan city life. The reasons for visiting Canada include prestige, family ties, exploration, and escape/leisure. Those are the pull factors. push factors could be an asylum,…[Read more]

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    Caesar Ritz was born on the 23rd February 1850 in Niederwald in the Goms valley. He was the 13th and youngest child of Anton and Kreszentia Ritz-Heinen, a Goms mountain farmer’s son like all the others, however he was a very special boy. For a long time Caesar Ritz fostered the dream of implementing his ideas and visions on his own prototype in…[Read more]

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    22.1 million travellers, United States, United Kingdom, China and France are the most common tourists that come to canada. Most tourism in Canada is domestic, accounting for 278 million trips. Tourism from the United States accounts for 57 percent of Canada’s tourism. As a result of COVID-19, the tourism sector shrank by half in 2020.