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    The best hotel
    of the best hotels in the world is the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The hotel is very large and with 394 rooms, swimming pools, fountains and spas. There is also a white sandy beach and a fortress with a renowned marina development.
    2. The largest hotel in World
    The first hotel in Malaysia is the largest hotel. There are 7,351…[Read more]

  • People don’t travel because of their economy, another reason could be the ongoing pandemic which is causing lockdowns in a lot of countries. Some people think of their footprint within the climate, which makes them reduce their travels or thing of better ways to move around which has a better impact on the environment.

    Infrastructure is basically…[Read more]

  • One of Swedens pull factors for is that we have labor demand and real wages. Which is why people want to immigrate here in the future near . So to countries where there are high levels of unemployment they would probably like to go here for a high chance of getting a job and/or education.
    While a push factor would be for freedom from political…[Read more]

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    In Malta for example which lives of tourism was nearly completely shutdown and a lot of businesses had to close because tourism plays such a big part in the country and their economy. This led to nightclubs, restaurants and different type of activity organisations to have to shutdown for more than a year. Now they have started to open back up but…[Read more]

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    Cesar Ritz has a very long known history in the hotel business and has a history for managing and founding hotels but he is most famous for his hotel ritz in London which opened in the early 1900s. He was one of the first people to use specialize in hospitality and in having focusing on the hygiene in the hotel business.
    Paul Escoffier is known…[Read more]

  • America, san francisco
    79.6m a year and 25,8 in San francisco. Most tourists come for the beautiful city, the artitecture, culture. From neighborhoods to beachfronts there are hundreds of sights and attractions. Tourists are from Asia and Europe

    San francisco infrastructure includes:
    Natural resources…[Read more]