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  • Kathryn Longstaff

    Lesson 8.3.2 Activity 3 – part 1

    • How do you value money?​
    1. Why are you happy when you get U.S. dollars in a birthday card?​
    2. Why do employees work to receive U.S. dollars? ​
    3. Why do businesses accept U.S. dollars in exchange for other goods or services? ​
    • Money facilitates economic activity, but too much or too little money can cause problems. Discuss the following:​
    1. How would yourspending likely change if you had more money? ​
    2. In general, is spending good for the economy? ​
    3. If more money results in more spending, and more spending can cause economic growth, why shouldn’t the government continuously add money to the economy? ​
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