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  • Kathryn Longstaff

    1.Choose a location from the top 10 most tourist friendly countries in the world

    2.How many people visited the country? Where did they come from? What are the trends?

    3.Research the location detailing examples of natural resources, infrastructure and superstructures that allow them to thrive.

    4.In your research you should aim to evaluate which of the three factors (natural resources, infrastructure and superstructures) is most important.


    Mania Ferdows
    Mania Ferdows

    Every year, 75 million tourists visit Spain, with the majority of them coming from European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. The majority of people enjoy visiting there due to the beach life, landscape, and food.
    – Infrastructure: International airports, High-Speed Networks, and roads.
    – Superstructures: Restaurants and landscapes.
    – Natural resources: Mountains, beaches, and landscapes. Natural resources are the most important to society since they require special care and protection. The economy, on the other hand, necessitates decent infrastructure to connect supply chains and transfer products and services across borders. Infrastructure links homes, allowing for career, medication, and education opportunities.


    Max Burkinshaw
    Max Burkinshaw

    England, London

    Approximately 40 million tourists visit the UK each year but as of 2020 there has not been so many tourists because of the pandemic that we still face to this day. The majority of the tourists come from the United States of America with China right behind. These tourists go to see Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben, the London Eye and much more.

    England has many natural resources such as Coal, oil, natural gas, tin, limestone, iron, salt, clay and lead. Also London has a new infrastructure plan in place for 2050 where there is gonna be a new sewage system, enhanced digital connectivity and new Tube, rail and road schemes.

    I have chosen Natural resources as the most important because you need those resources to create important and life changing infrastructures and superstructures.


    Joanna Gärdin
    Joanna Gärdin

    Lisbon, Portugal
    In 2019, the number of tourists that visited Lisbon came up to approximately 27.9 million. There was an increase of 7.7% of tourists from 2018-2019.
    Spain was recorded as the leading inbound tourist origin in terms of the number of visits, with roughly 2.3 million Spanish tourists arriving in Portugal.

    Lisbon uses mainly Green Infrastructure and is determined to develop environmentally sustainable policies in all fields regarding: changing the paradigm of mobility, adopting a new ecological structure for the City (the Green Plan), improving waste management, and promoting energy efficiency.
    The Portuguese capital already has an extensive network of cycle lanes – around 70km across the city

    Valentin Börjeson Hedberg

    VIE ACADEMY – Research Task on Turism

    City: Venice, Italy

    Area: 414.6 km²
    Elevation: 1 m
    Population: 261,905 (2017)
    Postal code: 30100

    The city of Venice (Venezia, local language) is located in Italy and is one of the most visited cities in northern Italy, it is the capital of this region. Italy serves as a great seaport for exporting and importing goods via the Adriatic sea.
    Venice is a unique city because of its environment, history, and architecture. It is in fact one of the oldest tourist and cultural attractions in the world. This makes the city average roughly 5 million people arriving in the last five years, (excluting 2020, due to the coronavirus, covid-19). This increased from 2.7 million in 2003 til 5.5 million in 2019.
    The international visits are from all across the globe years 2011 to 2020, that year the large majority of tourists were from the United States, this we can relate to the ongoing pandemic.
    It is a city on water with phenomenal architecture and therefore attracts many visitors. They generally have a very popular food culture in Italy which also drives people to go there.

    In conclusion the most important and the driving factor in why people visit Venice italy is because of its natural beauty and culture’s atmosphere.


    William Dahlgren
    William Dahlgren

    Switzerland is one of the most top tourist friendly location to visit, on average there is about 11.82 million tourists per year that visits Switzerland and the main group of people from which country they come from are mostly form Germany with a outstanding number of 2.2 million visitors a year. The view of the alps, lakes, cheese, chocolate and watches has always been a trendy attraction for foreigners and tourists visiting Switzerland. Although Switzerland has few resources the natural resources are mainly salt, granite, lime stone and glacier water. Most of these resources can be found and acquired in the alps and mines. The usage of great dams are a main superstructure to sustain a good way of producing those minerals.


    Marcus Prising
    Marcus Prising

    22.1 million travellers, United States, United Kingdom, China and France are the most common tourists that come to canada. Most tourism in Canada is domestic, accounting for 278 million trips. Tourism from the United States accounts for 57 percent of Canada’s tourism. As a result of COVID-19, the tourism sector shrank by half in 2020.


    Alexander Ericson
    Alexander Ericson

    America, san francisco
    79.6m a year and 25,8 in San francisco. Most tourists come for the beautiful city, the artitecture, culture. From neighborhoods to beachfronts there are hundreds of sights and attractions. Tourists are from Asia and Europe

    San francisco infrastructure includes:
    Natural resources include:
    Superstructures include:
    Infrastructure is most important because it makes sure the city keeps on moving and functioning in easy and efficient ways which benefits both tourists and residents.

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