Valentin Börjeson Hedberg

Hotell Kristina;

Style/Theme: It is a 4 star hotel and they are really caring of the environment and their environmental profile, the hotel is KRAV marked (one of the best eco-labels in Sweden.)
They also have a lot of Chanel Paris Perfume art for some reason and I think I will learn more about that, also other modern art. This and also the furniture says that the hotel is very modern themed.

Restaurants: The restaurant is eco-labeled, has a good view of the yard and clean looks. They serve a lot of different types of food, much which expresses seasons and sweden, but also others.

Food Served: 65% of all food and beverage is organic and all is of high quality.

Beverage and Bar: The bar is also eco-labeled, and serves all or most Swedish spirits, classics such as OP aquavit and virtuous-spirits from northern Sweden.