Max Burkinshaw
Max Burkinshaw

Bell attendants are there for you when you need a service done for you for example if you want food and a couples of drinks delivered to your room the bell attendants will sort it out for you, but they can provide many other services such as massages and spa treatment booking.
Cashiers are responsible for processing payments which may be payed in cash, debit card and credit card transactions. for example if the cashier worked at a bar they would sort out the bill for the customer and receive their money that is owed to the bar.
The room attendant is responsible for maintaining the high standard of the room. This can range from changing sheets to replenishing food and drinks in the minibar. They also answer any inquiries from guests who need room service.
The laundry attendant will sort out any laundry work that needs to be done in the hotel. They will also check the bed sheets etc for stains and try to remove the stained sheets. In some hotels, they may wash guest’s personal belongings and they must keep track of the belongings it belongs to.
The supervisors of the housekeeping department will train the housekeeping staff to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks. They will check the room and other areas of the hotel to check the progress of their work. The supervisor will manage the shifts and arrange a schedule for the employees.