Mania Ferdows
Mania Ferdows

Bell Attendants: When guests arrive at the hotel, they will be greeted and shown to their rooms. They’ll give the basics about the hotel and the amenities it offers. They will also be responsible for sorting and transporting luggage to the rooms. Except that, they   may also bring ordered things to visitors’ rooms, such as food, drinks and packages.
Cashiers: The cashier will handle the customers’ cash and credit card transactions, as well as follow up on any unpaid bills and cash balances at the end of their shift. They are also in charge of cash flow management. Finally, cashiers will be in charge of making daily bank deposits and reporting them.
Room Attendants: Cleaning and maintaining rooms, corridors, stairwells, and guest spaces are among their responsibilities. They clean furniture, wash windows, vacuum carpet, sanitize bathrooms, change bed linens, and replace towels. They’re allocated to a particular number of hotel rooms and given a deadline to clean them by.
Door Attendants:Guests will be greeted by door attendants who will open and close doors for them. They’ll also make sure that doors are maintained clean and any occurrences are reported. They also provide umbrellas if it is raining.
Laundry Attendants: Soiled garments or linens are washed and dried by a laundry attendant. Collecting soiled linens or clothing, sorting laundry by color and fabric type, applying stain treatments, and running laundry machines to wash and dry things are among their tasks.
Housekeeping floor supervisors will be in charge of hiring and training all of the housekeeping personnel. They also do room inspections to ensure that the mini bar is stocked.