Valentin Börjeson Hedberg

World’s Best Hotel:
Baur au Lac, Zurich, Switzerland, this hotel is a world class hotel and is ranked the best in the world by Readers Choice Award 2020. It provides incredible views over the landscape and of course wonderful hospitality from the center or Switzerland, the mecca of hospitality.

World’s Largest Hotel:
Abraj Kudai hotel is a hotel that has 10 000 rooms and 70 restaurants. The hotel had a cost of 3,5 billion USD to finance and even has five floors just for the saudi royal family. The hotel includes 4 hellipads and is 45 floors high. It is a destination itself and not only a hotel.

World’s Largest Resort:
The resort named Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas is the largest resort made up of a casino and a hotel that is in the lead of MGM Growth Properties. It has 3209 rooms and those include 400 suites.

World’s Most Expensive Suite:
Empathy Suite, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas. It is the world’s most expensive room and is priced at 100,000 USD a night. It is part of the Casino Resort of course and the Empathy Suite looks in at 9000 square feet.

Sweden’s Best Hotel:
At Six is the best hotel in sweden according to white guide and has the largest majority of satisfied guests.

Sweden’s Most Expensive Hotel:
Grand Hotel Stockholm is the most expensive one and is also extremely well located and has a good reputation and service.

In conclusion these are all extremely expensive projects or were even if they are new or old. They are also top class and at the front line of hospitality and thinking in the ways of the guests.