Alexander Ericson
Alexander Ericson

People don’t travel because of their economy, another reason could be the ongoing pandemic which is causing lockdowns in a lot of countries. Some people think of their footprint within the climate, which makes them reduce their travels or thing of better ways to move around which has a better impact on the environment.

Infrastructure is basically railroads, roads and different power supplies and superstructure is Restaurants, casinos and cafes.

One of the factors that will affect travel is probably the environment. Another factor is overcrowding in tourist destinations which can have a negative effect on travel and tourism because if the locals aren’t happy with too many tourists it won’t become a good tourist destination. Another factor is technology which will enhance traveling and make traveling a more comfortable experience.

France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with impressive infrastructure and superstructure. Their top city is Paris, which has the eiffel tower and the mona lisa. The eiffel tower is a popular location all year around but the city itself reaches its peak of tourists in the summer.

My favorite travel destination is Aruba because of how the whole country is a very happy place with amazing buildings and beaches. They are also very big on hospitality and have one of the most welcoming locals. Its a place where you forget your problems and relax for a very nice holiday.