Valentin Börjeson Hedberg

As I do not know what is to come in the future I can only guess so much. But my guess is that Sigtuna, Sweden, will continue its trend with pull factors as its main form of tourist attraction. Five years is a while but I don’t think it is enough time to develop a new tourist attraction that makes push factors even more valuable.
It is the oldest city in Sweden and has a unique architecture and archeological finds that makes its history so great. This generates generally a lot of tourism, not so much this year and last year 2020-2021, because of covid. And I am sure that 2021 will not bring many more people to town as summer is over. Sigtuna is very much a dead town in the winter when it comes to tourists exempt from business related visits, this is one of the main push factors.

That is for Sigtuna where we are located, if we look at the whole of Sweden then that might change, I don’t know. I think that wildlife will increase tourism as it is a main pull factor for Sweden’s visits. With the rate of global warming we in this country are in the position of warming and receiving higher temperatures year round. Last five years a lot has happened and in the coming five years snow might be non exciting in 50 % of the country’s area, ( the south side of course ). The north is also beautiful but is less visited by the average and the majority of tourists as it has too much snow or too cold for most people’s liking. This will decrease in five years I think and with a beautiful wildlife park, wildlife and northern culture themed hotel with restaurants that serve local meat dishes with berries and mushrooms that we harvest during the year. I think this already exists but with some good management and some fine hospitality skills, a great team can evolve this and also make this a large attraction during wintertime even up north. Such pull factors I think will evolve these coming years.