Valentin Börjeson Hedberg

Cesar Ritz was a Swiss hotelier who started and managed many hotels into becoming successful all over the world, his most famous ones are probably; The Ritz Hotel Paris, The Carlton London, Savoy London. He was a man of hospitality and has become one of the most famous people to study when learning about this topic, hospitality.

Auguste Escoffier was a famous and highly respected, successful french chef that joined in with Cesar Ritz somewhere between 1877-1887 where they started the Baden Baden. Escoffier was the head chef at the hotels such as Savoy and the Carlton. He invented two major things, a la carte eating and the “brigade” system in how to run a kitchen efficiently, and this system is still used today.

Marie- Antonine Carême was a French chef who served the royalties in Europe, and has written several classic works on cuisine. He is often referred to as the founder of french gastronomy and front of the “grande cuisine”. He is also what we can say one of the first celebrity chefs as he worked in Napoleon’s kitchen and many other kings and royalties, Alexander the 1st among them.

I think Cesar Ritz is the most influential as he was the front face of hospitality in general and not only in the kitchen.