Mania Ferdows
Mania Ferdows

Cesar Ritz
Which company did they create?
Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
How did they start?
He started by finding investors and opening a number of his own hotels.
In 1888, he and Auguste Escoffier founded the Conservations Haus restaurant in Baden-Baden. Later on, Richard D’Oyly Carte invited the two to London to become the Savoy Hotel’s inaugural manager and chef.
How did they manage to grow so fast?
He became successful by opening The Ritz Hotel in London, which became one of the most popular gathering places for the affluent.
Caesar Ritz was also well aware of whatever ambiance makes a guest feel at ease. He recognized the essence of the hotel business: the guest’s well-being.

Auguste Escoffier
What did he create?
He created over 5,000 recipes, published Le Guide Culinaire, and devised kitchen management methods.
Who did he work with?
He worked with his uncle first, later on with Cesar Ritz.
Why did his hotels and restaurants make a difference?
According to Escoffier, food service personnel at all levels should be devoted to developing their abilities and general knowledge via education. Therefore he published a culinary book for people to learn.

Antoine Careme
When did he live?
During the 18th century.
What is his nationality?
What made him famous?
Creating pastry sculptures out of sugar and marzipan.
Which changes did he bring to F&B management?
By encouraging the use of seasonal foods and avoiding excessive garnishes, Escoffier revolutionized meal service. He also improved the efficiency of professional kitchens.

I personally like Cesar Ritz more because his business has improved the most out of everyone else. Cesar Ritz established lots of service standards that are still in use today. He motivates me because he just wanted the best for his visitors.