Alexander Ericson
Alexander Ericson

Cesar Ritz has a very long known history in the hotel business and has a history for managing and founding hotels but he is most famous for his hotel ritz in London which opened in the early 1900s. He was one of the first people to use specialize in hospitality and in having focusing on the hygiene in the hotel business.
Paul Escoffier is known to be the “king of chefs and chefs of kings” and had a very big play in the restaurant branch. He used his military experience to innovated a new way to control his kitchen staff.
Antoine Carême was known to the first celebrity chef and the first celebrity chef to server for the royals. But shes best known for the her her advanced the notion of cuisine as both and art and science view.
I think that Ritz has a bigger influence on how hospitality works and how hotels should be run. Without him we would never have the type of service at restaurants and hotels like we do today.