a. Bell Attendants

Bell attendants greet guests at the hotel and will escort them to their rooms. They will provide basic information about the hotel and the services available. They will also be in charge of sorting luggage out and delivering it to the rooms.

b. Cashiers

Cashier will process cash and card transactions from the guests. They will be in charge of managing the cash flow and balancing the books at the end of a shift.

c. Room Attendants

Room attendants are in charge of cleaning the hotel. They will assigned to a set number of hotel rooms, with a deadline to clean them by a certain time. The attendants will change bedding and towels.

d. Door Attendants

Door attendants will operate at the front of the hotel, they will greet guests upon entering and departing. Door attendants will open and close doors for guests.

e. Laundry Attendants

Laundry attendants will clean any laundry such as linen, towels and guests personal belongings. They will be responsible in ensuring stains are removed from sheets and everything looks to a high standard.

f. Housekeeping floor supervisors

Housekeeping floor supervisors will be in charge of all the housekeeping staff. They will ensure that housekeeping staff are doing their job to a high standard and meeting hotel guidelines. They will do room inspections and organise any staff training.