a. Bell Attendants

Bell attendants will load luggage and deliver it to guest’s rooms. They will escort guests and provide them information about the hotel. Bell attendants might also be responsible for handling lost and found items.

b. Cashiers

Cashiers are responsible for processing cash, debit card and credit card transactions. They will also be responsible for preparing and submitting daily bank deposits.

c. Room Attendants

Room attendants will change bedding and towels on a daily basis. They will respond to any customer complaints and maintain good health and safety.

d. Door Attendants

Door attendants act like security at the front of hotels. They will greet guests and open doors for them. They will also ensure doorways are kept clear and report any incidents. If it is raining they will keep guests dry when arriving and leaving.

e. Laundry Attendants

Laundry attendants will wash items required by housekeeping such as bedding and towels. Attendants will ensure machines and equipment are clean and working in good order.

f. Housekeeping floor supervisors

Housekeeping floor supervisors will train all the housekeeping staff on how to follow hotel guidelines. They will inspect the rooms and common areas that they are meeting a clean standard.