Areej Al Khaldi
Areej Al Khaldi

a. Bell Attendants

Bell attendants will greet and escort guests to rooms. They will organise luggage and deliver/carry this to rooms. Bell attendants might also deliver items to guests rooms that have been ordered such as food and drinks.

b. Cashiers

General Cashiers work in hotels and handle payments from guests. Essential duties listed on a General Cashier resume sample are balancing cash, processing payments, counting money, recording expenses for each customer, and using a computerized cashiering system.

c. Room Attendants

Room attendants will stock and sort room supplies such as towels and toiletries. They will make beds and change sheets if there required. They will take in regard of guest’s privacy and perform any other cleaning duties.

d. Door Attendants

Door Attendants welcome guests and ensure they leave the building safely. They will open doors and guide people into cars and taxis. They will also open doors to the building and answer any queries.

e. Laundry Attendants

Laundry attendants are responsible for washing any towels, sheets and any personal items of guests. Laundry attendants will have to ensure cleanliness and ensure smooth operation.

f. Housekeeping floor supervisors

Housekeeping floor supervisors are responsible for hiring and training staff. They will make sure rooms and other areas of the hotel are regularly cleaned. Manage schedules for staff and provide any training needed.