Ali Al Marzooki
Ali Al Marzooki

Bell Attendants

The role of a bell attendant is to greet guests on arrival and carry their luggage. The bell attendant will aid in any guests inquiries and assist the smooth running of the hotel in many other ways.


Manage transactions with guests in ensuring payments have gone through on checkout such as cash, credit cards and billing. The cashier will also follow up on any unpaid bills and balance cash at the end of a shift.

Room Attendants

Room attendants are responsible for keeping the rooms to a high standard. This can be from changing the bed linen to restocking food and drinks in the minibar. They also answer to any queries from guests who want room service.

Door Attendants

Door attendants might work as security ensuring that the right people are entering the hotel. They will open doors for guests at the entrance and provide assistance to guests, by calling them a taxi or answering any questions.

Laundry Attendants

Laundry attendants will sort out any washing duties that need done in the hotel. They will also check that no laundry items have stains on them and work to remove any that do. At certain hotels they might wash guest’s personal items and must keep track which items belong to whom.

Housekeeping floor supervisors

Housekeeping floor supervisors will train the housekeeping staff on cleaning and maintenance tasks. They will inspect rooms and other areas of the hotel to check the cleanliness. The supervisors will manage the shifts and organise schedules for staff.