Ali Al Marzooki
Ali Al Marzooki

1. Why do people don’t travel?

Some people don’t like visiting countries with different cultures. Travelling can also be a very stressful experience for some, especially if there factors such as crime and language barriers. War and terrorism are other factors that result in people not travelling.

2. What is the difference between an infrastructure and a superstructure?

An infrastructure is the essential elements of tourism such as hotels and travel services. Superstructure is the amenities and provision of experiences for tourists.

3. What are some factors that have or will be affecting tourism in the 21st century?

Covid-19 will be the biggest factor to affect tourism in recent years. Businesses that rely on tourism, have struggled to find other ways to make money. Infrastructure is another factor that will affect tourism, if there are poor transport links and hotels, tourists will not visit.

4. What is the world’s top tourist destination?

France is the worlds top tourist destination.

5. What is your favourite destination in the world and why?

Visiting Rome in Italy is one of my favourite tourist destinations in the world. I love the history of the city and visiting parts of the ancient world that still exist today. Italian food is my favourite kind of food so I really enjoyed visiting different restaurants across Rome.