Aesha Khan
Aesha Khan

1. Why do people don’t travel?

I think money is a main reason for people not to travel. It can be a great expense to pay for travel, accommodation and other expenses. Other reasons can be fear of not knowing a new city or country well enough to feel safe.

2. What is the difference between an infrastructure and a superstructure?

Tourism infrastructure is the essential services needed for tourists such as travel and accommodation. Tourism superstructure is the businesses and services that give tourists a reason to visit.

3. What are some factors that have or will be affecting tourism in the 21st century?

Restrictions on visiting certain countries will be affecting the tourism industry because of Covid-19. Uncertainty over vaccination passports is another factor which will be affecting visitor numbers.

4. What is the world’s to tourist destination?

France seems to be the top tourist destination with 90 million tourists visiting worldwide.

5. What is your favorite destination in the world and why?

My favourite destination in the world is New Zealand. I really enjoy hillwalking and found New Zealand’s landscape breath-taking. The people were super friendly and one day I hope to move there.