Aesha Khan
Aesha Khan

Bell attendants assist guests with checking in/out of the hotel. They might also have other responsibilities such as parking vehicles and carrying guests luggage. Bell attendants will escort guests to their rooms and give information about the hotel.

Cashiers at hotels are responsible for any financial transaction from guests. They will be in charge of the cash flow with responsibilities of counting cash and depositing it in a safe.

Room attendants attend to any guests need such as delivering food, drinks or answering any queries. They also perform minor housekeeping duties if guests are needing any items or cleaning done.

Door attendants provide assistance to guests entering and leaving the hotel. Their job will be to open doors for guests and to also hail taxis. They also should have good knowledge about the city to provide directions.

Laundry attendants maintain the washing of bedding and other textile items throughout the hotel.

Housekeeping floor supervisors brief housekeeping staff on duties that to be need carried out. They will ensure that a high standard is being met throughout and provide training.

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