• For Next Friday and Saturday night
I used the website Kayak which I found a hotel called the Quinta Colina by Shiadu, the hotel offered £58 in total.

• For Next Tuesday and Wednesday
On I found the Rossio Boutique Hotel which offers £80.

• For Friday and Saturday night, 3 months from now
I used Hotel Scanner which searches across various hotel comparison websites. The result I got was the Quinta Colina by Shiadu for €79 on the website Agoda.

• For next Tuesday and Wednesday night 3 months from now
I used which gave me the Quinta Colina by Shiadu again for the price of £69.

Does anything surprise you about these results?
I didn’t expect for the results on Kayak to be so low and is the website I would definitely use for finding a good deal in the future. I also was surprised that on some websites the same results appear twice for nearby dates.