Teacher-led online courses that offer practical skills and fast track pathways to empower your students to shape their future.

Build A Programme To Empower A Generation

How can you best prepare your students as they start to plan their career journey?

The job market is already a daunting and competitive place for students and only 27% of University Graduates have jobs that relate to their chosen study and a shocking 35% of all graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. 

Our mission is to help change this trend which is why all of our courses are designed in partnership with the best and most progressive higher education providers and industry experts to ensure that academic rigour and industry relevance lead to career acceleration.

VIE academy courses support students from the ages of 16-19 to learn through the application of academic and practical skills to create meaningful links between classroom learning and real-world jobs. 

How can YOU help bring education in line with the future of work?

Try a selection of VIE Academy’s most popular courses for FREE for 30-days, our holistic approach to preparing students to live in the future, thrive in the future & drive the future. These courses align specifically with the IBCP, namely the career-related study and the core aspects of, personal and professional skills and service learning.

Who Is This For?

VIE Academy courses can be flexibly implemented at ANY international secondary school or high school, either embedded within the IBCP or alongside your other curriculum such as A-Level or an American High School Diploma.

Have you wanted to implement an IBCP but not sure where to start?

Have you been put off by the cost and resourcing?

Are you looking for ways to better prepare your students for their next big step after school?

Or are you looking for ways to make your school stand out from the crowd and diversify your offer?

VIE academy can help you achieve all these things and more. Our Mission is to provide you with a turnkey solution that gives you the opportunity to offer a comprehensive and cohesive IB career-related programme in a seamless manner, empowering your students to embrace their passions and shape their future careers.

What We Offer

Our courses ensure that students have the necessary skills and competencies that employers are actually looking for now and in the future. Each course meets our triple-A standard which is, aligned with university requirements, authentic to industry needs, with accelerated pathways into aspirational careers.

VIE Academy aims to align the future of education with the future of work and beyond that, to align with the future of humanity. Together we can empower a generation, to live, thrive and drive the change.

2-year Career-Related

All of our 2-year career-related courses can be run alongside your current curriculum.

Our four career-related courses are designed in partnership with the best higher education providers and industry experts:

● Business & Hospitality
● Creative Media Technology
● Junior MBA “HighSchool”
● Fashion, Management & Marketing

We provide you with everything you need to implement the career-related study in your school, from teacher facilitator training, an educators forum, a teachers forum and an educators corner. Our courses include fully planned lessons with video resources, digestible digital content, and student forums. At Vie Academy we take care of all assessments so you don’t have to. We provide everything you need to make your teachers feel confident and supported.

Future Perspectives
Short Courses

The world is becoming more complex every day and technology is the future but how can we ensure students build healthier and more beneficial relationships with technology.

Our THRIVE courses are designed to help our future learners to thrive personally, socially and professionally through a rapidly evolving future.

Our courses include:

● Technology and humanity
● Global citizenship and social
● Shaping you
● Making sense of the world
● Can we thrive? What needs to happen?

These courses can be implemented as part of your IBCP core, personal & professional skills course or used as stand-alone lessons, form part of a wider school programme or taken individually as a key focus area.

Global Perspective
Short Courses

These courses focus on global citizenship and highly topical global issues. These short courses explore different cultures, promoting the view of the need for a world that strives for peace and sustainable societies as well as equipping students with the tools to navigate and critically analyse issues that are shaping our world now and in the future.

Our courses include:

● Human Trafficking
● What is global citizenship?
● Rights & Responsibilities
● Gender Equality

These courses can be implemented as part of your IBCP core, personal & professional skills course or used as stand-alone lessons, form part of a wider school programme or taken individually as a key focus area.

Try VIE Academy Courses For FREE!

If you’re interested in implementing any of our courses at your school try a selection of our most popular LIVE, THRIVE and DRIVE courses for FREE for 30-days!

Effortlessly Implement To Enhance And Diversify
Your Schools’ Curriculum


Try a selection of our popular LIVE, THRIVE and DRIVE courses for FREE for 30-days!


Choose from one or more of our career-related courses or short courses to create a bespoke package that best suits the needs of your school and its students.


Use our short courses in the classroom or as independent extra-curricular learning, to add value to your current offer.

Become a VIE academy partner school and your students receive reduced higher education fees and can even fast track their first year with our selected university partners.

“So far I think the course is going well. It seems like a very solid course for anyone wanting to do the CP programme, the way we learn within the subject is very well done. For example I don’t get bored easily from the subject. We learn very important information that would help us in the future. Also nothing we are taught is confusing at all, it is simplified.”

Max Burkinshaw – Student at SSHL,
Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket Internatskola in Sweden.

“We are excited to have collaborated on both the development of the Certificate in Business & Hospitality studies and on providing MIS students with a clearly articulated accelerated pathway into our Bachelor Programme”

Ulrika Björklund
Dean at Hotel Institute Montreux

“The VIE-Academy CRS offers our students independence, agency and flexibility around purposeful, authentic learning activities directly connected to their career choices. It has allowed us to provide an innovative IBCP programme and has enabled a simple implementation process for sound teacher facilitation”

Director of Education & Innovation MIS,
Montreux International School

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